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It is an EXCITING time to be a Scout in Troop and Pack 41, Fitchburg, MA.  We are entering our second year of sponsorship with the Fitchburg Friends of Scouting, a dynamic, new idea in scouting.  After a six decade relationship with Rollstone Congregational Church of Fitchburg, whose leadership, support and nurturing will forever be a part of our scouting heritage, it became apparent that a much more focused approach was needed to support the youth of the greater Fitchburg area.  Urban scouting is challenging, especially in a city that is as financially diverse as Fitchburg.  Scouting too has been going through the winds of change and as the world changes, a few of us in Fitchburg decided that a new organization was warranted, a team of dedicated adults who would be solely focused on scouting, and who could develop the financial resources to appropriately insure the delivery of a world class scouting program across the city, without the diversions of other competing interest inside the sponsoring organization.  It is complicated for scouting to be a part of another organization that has varied and competing interests, and every church in America is faced with their own growth and sometimes very survival.  With the scouting landscape holding unbelievable opportunities for the youth in our community and a desire to truly deliver that opportunity to all youth across our great city, that small group of people set out on a journey, a journey to unlock the true potential of the greatest youth movement in the history of th world, the Boy Scouts of America.


Today, the Fitchburg Friends of Scouting (FFOS) is much more than a committee in name.  We are actively engaged in growing scouting in the community, working to solidify our existing units and looking ahead to the sponsorship of even more units and youth service opportunities.


We have recently taken our next step into that future.  For the first time since 1996, our two units are returning to the Fitchburg Public School System, in partnership with all of the schools, with the goal of providing scouting to all regardless of where in the city of Fitchburg a young person may live.  The McKay Campus and Fitchburg State University will be our geographic home.


That change answered a request from the school system that we, in Pack and Troop 41 commit to serving all the city, while working side by side with other units that deliver scouting in the community as well.  In addition, in support of the Nashua Valley Council's goal of increasing youth service in the City of Fitchburg by 500% over the next two years, we were encouraged by their leadership to expand our reach as well and to open our doors to all.


So as we begin a new scouting year, on behalf of the entire FFOS team, welcome to the world of scouting.  We pledge to you a year full of exciting opportunities and experiences for every young person whose path we cross.  Here's hoping to see you all at the campfire.




William P. Hodges



Eagle Scout  1974

Troop 53, Muskegon, Michigan

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