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First and foremost, Pack 41 is a family made up of families.


When your son becomes a Cub Scout, your entire family becomes a part of our extended network of families and friends.


We do our very best to include siblings, brothers and sisters.  It isn't easy for a young couple or for a single parent to be raising a young boy in today's world, as if it was ever easy to raise a young boy.


When you join our pack, you will make new friends of other couples and single parents, who are all trying their best to give their son the very best shot at a successful and fulfilling life.


The mission of the BSA is to prepare young people to make the correct choices in their lifetime by instilling in them the principles and values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  John Wayne once noted that if there were more people who lived their lives by these simple principles, the world would have far less problems.


The ages from 7 to 11 are incredibly important in your son's development.  You get one chance, one fleeting chance to give him the childhood, the experiences, the value anchors, that will mark his ascension to manhood.  He is a little boy, of that there is no doubt, but he will quickly become a man and the value added time you can spend with him, really spend with him, working together, building a relationship, becoming his friend, being the parent that you promised yourself you would be on the day of his birth, that investment will make the difference to his life, to him, and to his children, yes your grandchildren.


Once they hit their teens, 95% of your opportunity to influence him will be past.  In today's world we just suffer too many external influences and once they are teenagers, the value imprints, and relationship imprints that you, yes you the parent nurtured in him will be driving his developmental train into the future.  Fate will fill in the blanks where you leave room, of that you can be sure.


There are many paths one can take, and scouting is not the only one however we believe you should take the opportunity to really look at a life for your son with the Boy Scouts of America as his guiding light.


And where else can you accompany your son to the top of a mountain peak after sleeping a night under the stars and stand on the top of that mountain by his side, a memory that will last you a lifetime, for both moms and dads.


Cub Scouting is the beginning with tons of age appropriate fun and new experiences.  Our goal in Cubs is to prepare him for the big show, the big adventure, Boy Scouting.  We start with stuff that first graders love to do and work our way up as he grows, working with YOU, the parents to provide him the best of extracurricular experiences in partnership with the schools and his sporting life, and his faith based life and obligations.  Scouting is all about balance, and getting as much out of every day as possible.


It all begins with a decision.  We can help you to integrate scouting as much or as little into your family's activity plan.  You get one shot at giving him the foundation that he can build a life on.  He is your legacy, your message to tomorrow.  Don't settle for what fate throws his way.  It's GO TIME.  Make your time with him count.  Pack 41 Fitchburg is a great solid first step.