Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 41


Adventure and Growth Around Every Corner  !

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Boy Scouts (6th grade and up)

meet every Thursday at

McKay Elementary School

Rindge Road



7 PM to 8:30 PM

We love to have guests

What does it cost to b e a Boy Scout?


All Scouts need a uniform.

It helps to give us identity and makes all the boys look the same

It builds price and helps the boys to feel like they are part of something

A typical investment in a uniform will run around $ 45.00




Boy Scouting runs $ 100.00 per year plus campouts, weekdend food, and camping equipment (average weekend $ 20)


Sumer Camp for the Boy Scouts is an extra fee at the time of camp.


Each program offers numerous special programs for an extra charge during the year, in addition to our one-fee, fully packed, fun charged program.


We have programs so the scouts can fund raise, to help pay their own way, easing the load on the parents.